Bathroom Vanities
Bathroom vanities do more than house your sink and offer storage, it sets the tone of your bathroom.

The centerpiece of the bathroom

Bathroom vanities are an integral part of any bathroom. Gone are the days of cold white cabinets and sinks. Linad Creations create stylish, trendy, elegant vanities that add value to a bathroom. It is important to pay particular attention to your bathroom vanity because it is often used as the centerpiece for bathroom design.

Two important considerations are storage and work top space. Lack of storage is often the reason homeowners want to install a new vanity in the bathroom. It is important to have a vanity with cabinets that has enough storage for all of your cleaners and other bathroom products.

If you and your spouse have typical business hours and are bumping into each other when brushing your teeth in the morning, you might want to consider a bathroom vanity that has two sinks installed. This will give both of you your own space, make your morning a little smoother, and get you on your way to work a little faster.

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