With a stunning new Linad Creations Kitchen you will think of any excuse to invite family and friends over.

The Kitchen is a complex space to design

From sleek and industrial, rustic and homely, crisp and fresh, Linad Creations offers different styles of kitchens to suite your home. Because your kitchen is the most expensive room in the home, careful planning and attention to detail of every aspect is essential to get the perfect kitchen.

The kitchen is also the hub of the home as we all have to eat regularly and it is always a constant buzz of activity. Kitchens are therefore one of the major areas home buyers look at along with bathrooms when purchasing a house.

The first consideration whether remodelling your existing house or starting out with a new home is the current style of your home and your furnishings. The kitchen is often placed centrally in the home and therefore visible from most rooms, the decoration and style should flow harmoniously throughout.

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are the most common kitchen in the country today. Contemporary kitchens are warm and often considered the "second family room".They are designed for the family-on-the-go and often times have a sizeable dining area right off of the cooking area.

Country / Classical Kitchen

Country / Classical kitchens are welcoming and warm, with bright colour and light, floral motifs and decorative shelving and moulding. The finish to the cabinets is simple and often a white wash or distressed look is used over the wood to create a weathered or aged feel.

Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens embody urban chic with sleek, straight and clean lines. Less is more, such as less accessories, visible appliances and details. The modern kitchen is also futuristic looking, using concrete, stone, metal and glass. High tech comes to mind when thinking of this type of decor with lots of open space, bright lighting and square lines.

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